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The Bio FUE is the most trail blazing and cutting edge hair transplant procedure. It is a combination of the FUE hair transplant surgery along with a biotechnical influence to give you successful hair restoration. FUE is follicular unit extraction and bio is the body’s own growth factors which promise to help the transplanted hair grow quickly and thick; and also boosts the growth of the existing hair.


We know the far reaching consequences and impact that hair loss can have on one’s quality of life. Hair Transplant has brought new hope to people who have been trying to tackle hair loss and balding.

The Bio FUE is a super advanced version of the FUE hair transplant integrated with a biological touch using the patient’s blood.

Your surgeon will place the extracted hair follicles in growth factors that have been obtained from your own blood. The surgeon will also inject the growth factors in to the scalp. This technique provides better strength to the freshly transplanted grafts. The growth factors are regenerative and reparative and they play a pivotal role in helping you achieve natural looking results.

Bio FUE is a pioneering and ingenious technique which harnesses the body’s own rejuvenation cells to augment the survival of the extracted grafts, speed up healing significantly and enhance hair growth.

Mechanism of Bio FUE

Bio FUE is perfect to restore hair, boost hair growth and have thicker, denser hair.


In conventional FUE and FUT, the surgeon will implant untreated hair grafts in to the recipient area to increase hair density in the bald areas of the scalp.


However, in Bio FUE, before implanting the grafts, they are placed in the serum that contains growth factors which fortify and reinforce the hair follicles and promise you healthy hair restoration.


During the procedure, individual hair follicles are meticulously excised out. The follicles are harvested uniformly from the donor site, and the tiny channels left behind heal very quickly.


Bio FUE makes use of the growth factors ability to help with growth and renewal. The technology promotes better hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles. The fresh grafts that are extracted are placed in a serum of concentrated growth factors and scrutinized under the microscope so as to make sure that they are viable. The grafts are implanted into the recepient site in a pattern mimicking the natural hair, following the natural angle, density and orientation of the hair. Because of the bio stimulation, the transplanted hair stay in the growth phase and start growing immediately after the transplant.

Ideal candidate for Bio FUE

Benefits of Bio FUE

Procedure for Bio FUE

Side effects and complications associated with Bio FUE


The cost of a bio FUE is in the range of Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. There are a whole host of factors which decide the cost of a Bio FUE – the number of hair grafts that you need, the surgeon performing the surgery and the clinic you are having the procedure at.

Bio FUE is super advanced and avant garde. It is a new improved version of the FUE hair transplant. By integrating  growth factors in to the procedure, the technology enhances the results of the FUE.

What’s more, Bio FUE decreases  scarring and hastens recovery appreciably. There are also fewer complications associated with the procedure. Most importantly, bio FUE encourages better and more natural hair growth.

For a Bio FUE, the hair follicles that have been extracted are immersed in the growth factors serum that’s been obtained from your blood. He will inject the remaining growth factors in to your scalp. Integrating growth factors with the FUE surgery provides vigor and strength to the freshly transplanted grafts as well as the other follicles.

Bio FUE proffers outstanding benefits -

  • Maximizes the survival of the new grafts.
  • Encourages speedy regrowth of the transplanted hair.
  • It expedites the recovery phase, ensures optimal healing of the surgical wounds and guarantees minimal scarring.
  • Since, a high concentration of growth factors are introduced in to the entire scalp, it boosts the growth of all the hair.

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