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Understanding FUE Hair Transplant Cost: Factors, Benefits, & Investment


FUE refers to Follicular unit extraction which clearly means extraction of grafts from donor area unit by unit. Previously FUT was the technique used where strip of skin was to be taken from back side of scalp and sutured. Each graft was then cut into separate units with help of surgical blade under microscope and used for implantation.


Manual FUE Technique

In manual technique the punch is attached to handle and it needs to be rotated with hand so that follicular unit is detached from scalp and pulled out with forceps

Automated FUE Technique

In automated technique the punch is attached to a probe which is electronically controlled by motor and its speed of rotation can be controlled by controller.

3 Steps Before Hair Transplant Procedure

Preoperative procedure includes thorough consultation with patient and blood investigations along with vital check ups.

During the day of surgery as per the surgical plan according to grade of baldness and graft requirements the thorough discussion is done again and surgery is started.


Before pics of scalps are taken from different angles of every patient for documentation.
Anaesthesia sensitivity test and Preoperative checkup is done again.
Hairline design is done according to the aesthetics.
Hair trimming is done in donor area which is mandatory in graft extraction. Hair trimming of recipient area is optional. One can do FUE hair transplant even in both shave & non shave technique.
Patient is given local Anaesthesia followed by sedation.
Tumescent ( normal saline ) is injected followed by Anaesthesia to lift up the scalp skin to ease extraction process.
Graft extraction process is now actually started. Different sized diameter punches are used for extraction as per need 0.7 mm - for single follicular grafts , 0.8mm - for double and triple follicular grafts, 0.9mm - for quadruple grafts.This punches with automated probe separate grafts from skin and later plucked up with help of tiny forceps.
After collecting all grafts they are segregated and cleaned and kept in certain solutions in cool temperature.
After extraction is complete patient can be given lunch / tea break as per his demand.
Next step is implantation of grafts which are harvested. There are various implantation technique across the globe but the best practices includes classical FUE , Sapphire or DHI.
In classical FUE, incisions are made with needle or blade in recipient sites. This is the surgeons art and skill where he creates mini incisions according to the graft caliber and size. Here natural pattern of graft is decided according to the depth, direction & angle of slit. Incisions if created with sapphire blade it is called as Sapphire hair transplant .
If Implantation done with DHI technique then no need of slits making. The grafts are guided in recipient area directly with help of choi implanters.
After implantation dressing is done and patient is discharged on the same day.
Postoperative care- includes taking antibiotics, dressing in donor area and spraying in recipient area. Head wash is to be done on 7th day.


As it is minimal invasive procedure reduces risk of operation , faster recovery and minimal pain

There is option of graft selection which we cant have in FUT. We can select specific units of graft whichever and the number we want. This aids good results and planned surgery

Rest period is minimised and post operative care becomes too easy

Can harvest 7000 grafts in one go

Candidates For FUE Transplant

All grades of baldness can undergo FUE technique. It is the basic technique and first step in all types of hair transplant.




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