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Facilities Provided

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experienced professionals, New Roots Hair clinic in Aurangabad offers a comprehensive range of facilities to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for our clients. From initial consultations to post-procedure care, we prioritize personalized attention and transparency in every step of the journey. Our modern and sterile surgical suites adhere to the highest standards, providing a safe environment for hair transplant procedures. We offer advanced techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), tailored to individual needs. The clinic also boasts a relaxing waiting area, private consultation rooms, and a team dedicated to answering any queries and addressing concerns. With a commitment to excellence, our hair transplant clinic in Aurangabad aims to empower individuals with renewed self-assurance and a lush, natural head of hair.

Who We Are & Why Choose Us?

In the realm of hair transformation, New Roots Hair Clinic has emerged as a pioneer, redefining the narrative of self-confidence and renewal. What sets us apart in the competitive landscape is our unwavering commitment to excellence, blending the artistry of aesthetics with the precision of medical science. Our team of seasoned professionals, recognized for their expertise, walks hand-in-hand with you on your journey to reclaiming your identity and radiance. You can choose considering our clinic as a place where innovation meets compassion and where state-of-the-art technology converges with a personalized touch. We understand that your decision to undergo a hair transplant is a profound one, and our holistic approach ensures not just the restoration of your hair but the revitalization of your spirit.


At our clinic, your confidence takes center stage, and every strand tells a story of resilience, beauty, and unbridled self-love. Choose us because you deserve a transformation that transcends expectations—a transformation that is uniquely, undeniably you.

Medical Experts

Our hair restoration clinic in Aurangabad Dr. Chanda Ambure, a luminary in the field of hair restoration, whose expertise transcends conventional boundaries. Driven by an unyielding passion for innovation, Dr. Chanda Ambure stands as a beacon of transformative care, blending the precision of a seasoned medical expert with the artistry of a true visionary. With a wealth of experience in the intricate realm of hair transplant treatments, Dr. Chanda Ambure has earned acclaim for pioneering techniques that redefine the standard.


Each procedure under Dr. Chanda Ambure’s skilled hands is a testament to a commitment to excellence, seamlessly fusing medical proficiency with a keen aesthetic sensibility. Beyond the accolades and credentials, it’s the genuine empathy that sets Dr. Chanda Ambure apart — a belief that restoring not just hair but confidence and self-esteem is the ultimate goal.

Center for Excellence

New Roots Hair Clinic proudly stands as the epitome of excellence in hair transplantation within the vibrant city of Aurangabad. More than a clinic, we are a sanctuary where expertise converges with a commitment to perfection. As a Center for Excellence, our distinguished team of surgeons, equipped with a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology, crafts a narrative of rejuvenation for every client. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the seamless procedures we undertake but also in the bespoke experiences we provide. The moment you step into New Roots Hair Clinic, you enter a realm where innovation thrives, and each consultation feels like a personalized journey toward restored confidence. We redefine the standards for hair transplantation, combining the latest advancements with an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. At New Roots Hair Clinic in Aurangabad – excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s a promise etched in every revitalized follicle and every renewed sense of self.

Patient Care

In the bustling city of Aurangabad, our commitment to patient care at New Roots Hair Clinic transcends the ordinary, transforming the journey of hair restoration into a remarkable experience. Our empathetic and highly skilled team takes pride in not just addressing the physical aspect of your hair transplant but nurturing your emotional well-being throughout the process. Picture a place where personalized care is not a service but a philosophy; where your concerns are heard, and your aspirations are understood. Our clinic is designed to be more than just a medical facility; it’s a haven where patients embark on a transformative voyage. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and compassionate professionals, New Roots Hair Clinic in Aurangabad is more than a destination for hair restoration—it’s the best place for rejuvenation, self-discovery, and a renewed sense of confidence.

Review : our satisfied customers

Excellent4.9 Based on 623 reviews from review us onAkshay JaganiAkshay Jagani ★★★★★ Awesome experience and will recommend to everyone.Suraj JadhavSuraj Jadhav ★★★★★ New roots is the best clinic in sambhaji NagarEknath B. NikamEknath B. Nikam ★★★★★ Best service. Well treatment by all staff.Krushna PathadeKrushna Pathade ★★★★★ Best hair clinic in abadchandan deshmukhchandan deshmukh ★★★★★ Parimal NimdeoParimal Nimdeo ★★★★★ Nice serviceVikas Bramahanandh ShejuleVikas Bramahanandh Shejule ★★★★★ काल माझी hair transplant surgery झाली खूप चांगला अनुभव राहिला मनामधे बरीच भिती होती surgery बाबतीत पन जे काही ऐकले ते सर्व खोटे ठरले कुठल्याही प्रकारचा त्रास नाही काहीही अडचण नाहीयेथील सर्व team ने खूप चांगले काम केले आणी चांगले सपोर्ट केले कुठे हॉस्पिटल मध्ये असल्यासारखे वाटलेच नाहीधन्यवाद न्यू रुट्स अणि टीमalimalim ★★★★★ Manisha AlateManisha Alate ★★★★★ Krishna PawarKrishna Pawar ★★★★★ Ajinkya ShindeAjinkya Shinde ★★★★★ I had undergone Hair transplant treatment, it was very easy and staff was patient friendly. The instructions are very lucid. Overall treatment procedure at new root is amazing and results are clear and positive.Sagar TupeSagar Tupe ★★★★★ Professional,well qualified,experienced hair transplant surgeons.A PawarA Pawar ★★★★★ It was nice experience . all the staffs were polite and supportive .marathi statusmarathi status ★★★★★ AMOL lANDGEAMOL lANDGE ★★★★★ काल माझी hair transplant surgery झाली खूप चांगला अनुभव आला. खूप चांगल्या प्रकारे ट्रीटमेंट झाली व मी पूर्ण पणे समाधानी आहे कुठल्या ही प्रकारचा त्रास जाणवला नाहीधन्यवाद सर्व टीम आणि New roots 🙏🙏🙏Avinash SonwneAvinash Sonwne ★★★★★ new Root's clinic is very nice and good service thank you so much🙏😊Santosh RokadeSantosh Rokade ★★★★★ Minhaj AliMinhaj Ali ★★★★★ Ateeq ShaikhAteeq Shaikh ★★★★★ New Roots AurangabadNew Roots Aurangabad ★★★★★ Sameer TamboliSameer Tamboli ★★★★★ लगभग २ साल हो गए है ट्रांसप्लांट को बाल बहुत बढ़िया हैSACHIN BORDESACHIN BORDE ★★★★★ Im very happy with new roots clinic and all staff also very nicely services and good results thnk you so much new roots .Ganesh HajareGanesh Hajare ★★★★★ Professional during hair transplant.Good service. quality provided is excellent.KaKaKaKa ★★★★★ Pratik GhodakePratik Ghodake ★★★★★ New roots hair clinc is very much good service and my surgery is very successful thank you new roots all staffjs_loader


Transplant Disclaimer

We want our clients to make informed decisions, understanding that individual results may vary. While our skilled team employs state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, the success of a hair transplant can be influenced by various factors unique to each patient. Factors such as genetics, overall health, and post-surgery care play a crucial role in the final outcome. The information provided during consultations is for educational purposes, and we encourage open communication to address any concerns or queries. Our commitment to excellence extends to the provision of realistic expectations, ensuring that those who choose New Roots Hair Clinic for their hair transplant experience a journey marked by honesty, expertise, and the pursuit of optimal, personalized results.


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