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Bio Sapphire - Advanced Hair Transplant

Bio Sapphire Hair Transplant :

Are you looking for a hair transplant with latest technologies and with no any inadequacy then this is the transplant in new roots which is to its latest version. This gave immense happiness and satisfaction to all clients. Everyone wants his transplant to be done accurately and for this reason this is the technique best suitable for the result they are looking for.

what is bio-sapphire hair transplant?

Bio- sapphire hair transplant is combination & modification of multiple steps included in your transplant in order to keep grafts in highly nutritious medium and gives less exposure to outside environment. It involves use of specialised instruments which handles grafts very delicately right from extraction to implantation.

Steps of bio- sapphire hair transplant?

First step is towards comfortable anaesthesia, change in order of steps of hair transplant, customised slit making, selective extraction, grafts storage & smooth implantation.
Many of patients fear of hair transplant procedure due to pain and never turn out for the procedure. Our skilled doctors carefully administer anaesthesia and ensure comfort with safety till entire procedure. We perform following steps to minimalize pain during procedure and no pain even after effect of anaesthesia-
Relaxing environment with plush chair, soft blanket and soothing music.
Firstly, we apply numbing / anaesthetic gel or cream 30-40 mins before anaesthesia is injected
We select smallest diameter of needle of insulin syringe which is 0.6mm in diameter.
We push next dose from numb area to ensure there is no sensation of injecting anaesthesia
We always use combination of different acting drugs to have long term action of anaesthesia and we also make sure to complete procedure without any delay.

Customised slit making process :

Tiny incisions are to be made in recipient area of scalp where new follicles will be implanted. These incisions are crucial for ensuring proper placement and growth of transplanted hair. In BIO-sapphire we do this procedure before extraction of grafts to decrease the out of body time of grafts so that time taken for slit making is saved and immediately after grafts extraction graft implantation is done. In BIO sapphire we plan depth of incision according to length of the grafts. Angle, direction and spacing are considered depending upon graft quality and desired density and aesthetic appearance achieved. All this results in natural direction and density of existing hair. we adjust length of sapphire blade as per length of a graft which avoids trauma to vessels of dermis. Before slit making, we induce tumescence of remaining GFC in epidermis.

Selective extraction of grafts :

Extraction is the step where grafts are harvested from your donor area which is back side of your scalp. These grafts are extracted with specially made punches which is attached to automated FUE machine and it goes deeper in dermis which looses and removes grafts from scalp. In BIO- sapphire transplant we follow following steps –

πŸ‘‰ 1

We select grafts strictly from safe zone which is very minimally affected by DHT hormone. We have found that This grafts last longer than unsafe zone.

πŸ‘‰ 2

We use different size punches for each and every patient which are 0.7mm diameter to extract single hair follicles or beard donor follicles, 0.8mm diameter to extract double or triple hair follicles ,0.9mm diameter to extract quadruple follicles. It helps selective distribution of grafts as per requirement.

πŸ‘‰ 3

We use sharp and serrated punches and which is unused to all the patients. It reduces damage to delicate grafts ensuring 100 % graft survival.

πŸ‘‰ 4

We do random selection of grafts which are more in hair follicle count making more density grafts in optimum number of grafts.

By all this measures it keeps donor as it is even after harvesting without leaving scars behind. We receive best quality and quantity of grafts. We are again able of extraction from same donor after 6 months if required in future.

Grafts storage :

This is simultaneous procedure started as soon as graft extraction is started. In this process grafts are inspected, cleaned and segregated as per number of follicles. Immediately these grafts are stored in growth factor concentrate media so that grafts are well preserved in nutritious media to keep it as it in healthy state. Immediately after keeping in growth factor concentrate media, it is shifted to cold storage at 4 degrees Celsius. It goes batch wise which comes earlier is also implanted earlier. In new roots we have well trained dedicated staff for the same task.


We found that this process gives longevity to the graft after implantation and increases life of hair transplant.

Smooth implantation :

In this process grafts are implanted just like seed in dermis of scalp in bald area. There are multiple ways to implant grafts like DHI, no touch technique, sava implanter, etc. the main intention in implanting graft is to insert the graft in scalp without any friction to incision or slit and rest as per its required angle. In bio sapphire hair transplant implantation is carried out by specialised titanium instruments so that grafts are not damaged and holed precisely. It should not be touched to lower 1/3rd part i.e. bulb and shaft The It should be very delicately handled during procedure. The graft should be chosen which was extracted earlier so that it won’t stay longer outside the body. It helps in growing all the follicles from each graft delivering best density and result.

for temporal hair transplants, selecting thin grafts that mimic the existing hair in the temporal region and carefully slivering them can help achieve a natural and smooth hair structure after the transplant. This technique aims to blend the transplanted hair seamlessly with the surrounding hair for a more natural appearance.

Cost of BIO- sapphire hair transplant :

One has to bear only 20000-30000 rupee extra for what your paying to sapphire hair transplant. As it involves extra staff and instrumentation to carry out smooth procedure. It also requires GFC kit to prepare media for graft storage.

Advantages of BIO-sapphire hair transplant:

Pain of local anaesthesiaPainfulMinimal pain
5000 – 6000 grafts1 day procedure2 days procedure
Slit makingSecond stepFirst step
Out of body time of graftsMoreLess
Customised sapphire bladesRegular bladesLength adjustable
Safe zone extractionFull donorOnly safe zone
Multiple size punchOnly 1 sizeMultiple size
Random extractionNoYes
Injecting GFC in recipient areaNoYes
Smooth handling of graftsNoYes
Results timelineSlowerFaster
Result lifeLessMore
Hair densityLowHigh

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