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Hair Transplant Without Shaving: Achieve Natural Results Effortlessly


A hair transplant consists of taking hair follicles from a full part of your head ( donor area ) and moving them towards thinning parts or bald spots ( recipient area ) . To extract the healthy hair follicles, the medical team at New Roots hair clinic will need to shave a portion of the back of your scalp.

There are different grades of baldness in each and every one of us. To achieve a uniform haircut and trimmed look, most patients choose to have their entire head shaved. No shave FUE hair transplant means only trimming the donor area and leaving the rest of the scalp or entire scalp alone. The other hair other than the donor area, remains at the same length.

Benefits Of No Shave Hair Transplant:

Disadvantages Of No Shave Hair Transplant:

Cost Of No Shave Technique:

As the procedure takes a little longer, it costs more than usual methods of hair transplantation.


We offer a no-shave technique at New Roots Hair Clinic for those with lower grades such as 2, 3, and 4, because the hairline transplant already has a bald scalp and there is no disruption of existing hair.


We provide no shave hair transplants to patients who want to keep their hair transplant surgery secret. We use the no shave hair transplant technique mostly for female patients to keep their surgery secret.


In the no shave technique, one can opt for the DHI method of implantation, which gives the extra benefit of speedy surgery.



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