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Enhance Your Expression: Eyebrow Hair Transplant for Beautiful Results


The eyebrow trend is going from many years. Everyone is not lucky to have thick eyebrows. they try with light pencil arches to tattoos. In recent years, complete eyebrow aesthetics have emerged such as microblading have emerged to add volume and shape. But if you are looking for a more permanent solution to improve your eyebrow shape and size Then eyebrow transplant is the best solution.


The process of eyebrow transplant is same as FUE hair transplant. Procedure is done after local anesthesia and process takes not more than 3-4 hours. The main difference is selection of grafts because the eye brow hair is very much thin. In this process of eye brow transplant we select very fine & thin grafts for the hair transplant. It requires special skill to give a natural appearance to your eye brows. the angle, direction & depth of the grafts implanted changes according to the placement of each grafts to give a natural look.


The recovery of eyebrow hair transplant is very fast and not visible after 4-5 days of your surgery. Usually the grafts selected for eyebrow hair transplant are from just above your nape of neck.


Results of growth of eyebrow hair transplant start to visualize just after 3 -4 months of surgery. The results are permanent and no any need to do tattoo or pencil work.


Eyebrow hair transplant is ideal for both males & females and even the candidates who’s eyebrows are damaged due to burns or scars due to previous injury, Trichotillomania, Alopecia areata (stabilized)Loss of eyebrows due to hypothyroidism.


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