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Botulinum Toxin Injections for Effective Facial Rejuvenation!


Botulinum toxin injection is most performed cosmetic procedure for facial wrinkles nowadays. Botulinum toxin injection treatments gives High patient satisfaction. Wrinkles are formed by dermal atrophy and repetitive contraction of underlying Facial musculature. Botulinum toxin, a potent purified neurotoxin inhibits release of acetylcholine at neuromuscular junction when delivered into specific site overactive muscles causes localised muscle relaxation, which smoothens the overlying skin and reduces wrinkles.


Botulinum toxin is a potent neurotoxin protein derived from clostridium botulinum bacteria. The release of ACh at neuromuscular junction, causes temporary chemical denervation.


Botulinum toxin is used since long for conditions like blepharospasm, migraines, muscle spasticity, etc. Botox is approved by US – FDA for cosmetic use for frown lines & crow’s feet. Now a days used in all cosmetic facial indications.


Botox erases fine lines & wrinkles, promotes jaw line slimming, improved appearance in aging, effective results by avoiding face lift surgery, minimal downtime.


Facial expression muscles are unique in soft tissue attachments to skin through superficial muscular aponeurotic system without bony attachments. When facial muscles contract, the overlying skin also moves, forming dynamic wrinkles perpendicular to the direction of muscle contraction. static wrinkles appear Even after the muscles are at rest.

The muscles contributing to the formation of particular lines are as follows:


Patients with dynamic wrinkles, respond to the botulinum toxin injection only in one session and are ideal candidate for treatment.


Patients with static wrinkles which are visible Even at rest of muscle, Also respond to the injection but results are slower and patients may require 2 to 3 consecutive treatments for significant improvements.


Deep static lines may not fully respond to botulinum toxin injection alone may require combination treatments with dermal fillers or cosmetic lasers Like MNRF.


Patients having history of keloidal scarring, neuro muscular disorders, allergic to toxin product, patients seeking unrealistic expectations, body dysphoric disorder, psoriasis or eczema in treatment area, immune compromised, pregnancy, or breastfeeding should avoid botulinum toxin injection.


Among eight types of botulinum toxin protein , serotype A is the most potent and used for cosmetic treatments. Botulinum Toxin products are not interchangeable, because they vary in their formulation, dose and clinical response.


Cost of injection depends upon the target area and required units of injection. it also depends upon the indication which line or wrinkles we are targeting.


Patient seeking botulinum toxin injection should discontinue aspirin or any other medication having anticoagulant effect. injection is reconstituted during the treatment time into a solution. The dose is injected in particular muscles. Those used for the treatment or as per the FDA approved injections are placed into contracted muscles. Small volumes are injected 1ML or less using 30 gauge 1 inch needle, localised burning or tingling sensation is reported which is very common and reduces within minutes.

Avoid massaging or applying heat to the treatment area on the day of treatment.


Result starts to be visible after two weeks of injection which shows reduction in lines. Results last till 5/6 months to 1 year in some patients Subsequent treatment is advised.


There’s always a good idea to get treatment of botox injection Get done from experienced & well qualified aestheticians to avoid any complications. Complications are uncommon and occur only in mild cases which are injection reactions like anxiety, headache, infection, pain or paraesthesia.


This are light acne scars which includes treatment procedures like fractional co2 and TCA cross which costs around Rs.3000/- Rs.10,000/- per session.

Glabella is the area between eyebrow. The front line appears during smiling or in anger. Botox injection clears glabella lines and gives a younger look.

3-5 units are sufficient for frown lines & results last to 5-7 months.

when eye leads appear heavier, causing dropping in the area it means that skin in the area of eyebrows and eyelids is aging. Botox injection lifts the eyebrow to arc the brow area which gives fresher look with more visibility of eyelids. 4-10 units of botox injection is required for eyebrow lift lasting for at-least 6-7 months

These lines are usually formed during laughing, squinting, and smiling. Lack of collagen and elastin will appear cross feet in static muscle also. 8 to 20 units depending upon this similarity is administered result, will last up to 5 to 8 months.

Bunny Lines appear in between your nose and eyes. When you smile, it becomes more obvious when you scrunch your nose. 4 to 10 units are required for many lines and results last up to 5 to 8 months.

Gummy smile occurs when excessive gum is shown. If anyone smiles it affects the appearance of smile. Botox injection is injected on the upper lips to paralyse the muscles, preventing the lips from lifting to high. 4-8 units are required and results last up to 5 to 6 months

Jawline reduction or jawline Slimming is the feature everyone likes to have it. Botox injection is an effective tool for it by injecting the masseter. Botox will relax the Muscle shrinking to 20 to 30% giving V shape more defined jaw line.

40 to 80 units are required for jaw botox. Jaw  Slimming treatment results are seen more than one year.

Dimple chin occurs when mentalis muscle is contracted. Botox can be injected in the China area to relax. The mentalist muscle 40–80 units are required for dimple chin and results last more than 5 to 8 months.


There is misconception about botox that its subsequent use will give plastic appearance. If one chooses doctor with right skills & experience he will leave your face with natural looking results. It actually offers natural enhancement with no downtime like surgery.

It usually takes 20-30 mins depending upon areas.

It lasts for 4-6 months usually but usually results are seen till period of 1 year.

Consult Doctor at the interval of 5-6 months.

There is no downtime for botox treatment. One can resume his work on same day even.

Botox has remarkably good safety track record. The Botox brand used in New Roots for all US -FDA approved.

Botox is more focused on wrinkles and fine lines like frown lines, crow feet, forehead lines and bunny lines whereas face fillers are injected in the face to replace loss of volume due to ageing and sun damage.




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