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Restore Radiance with Advance Skin Rejuvenation Treatment!


you could spend lots of time and money on expensive products but what if its not right for your skin or ineffective. In new roots skin rejuvenation treatments, we understand your skin type, skin tone, level of pigmentation, pores, wrinkles and most important is age group. We provide easy and convenient treatments which are having no downtime and are quality procedures. Skin rejuvenation helps to make skin bright, healthy and glowing skin which gives a good complexion. Skin rejuvenation treatment not only improves quality of skin but also treats abnormalities like skin pigments, birth marks, moles, freckles, under eye dark circles, dull skin with various treatments like skin lightening treatments, peels, lasers, signature facials, microdermabrasion, PRP, facial fillers, etc.



Laser resurfacing, mechanical resurfacing, chemical peels and injectable products can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the entire face and glow your skin along with spots under eyes. The specific type of treatment that will best suite your concerns are finalized after consultation with our dermatologists. Most skin treatments require a series of treatments and a multi-modality approach to achieving excellent results. The following are the modalities to get one’s skin rejuvenated

Laser skin rejuvenation is the most effect form of the treatment and is performed by a qualified dermatologist. During this treatment US FDA approved laser is used to remove the skin cells that have been damaged.

combination of Q- Switched Nd:YAG laser and various peels together enlighten the skin like never before.

laser skin toning program has become a routine for todays youth. It improves skin tone, texture and removes black heads without pain. Carbon paste is applied on face then with help of Nd:YAG laser both carbon paste and dead layer of skin is removed together.

The procedure uses ultrasonic waves to encourage the production of collagen, creating a skin-lifting effect. The main benefit of this treatment is that there are absolutely no needles, no scarring and no downtime involved.

There are professional different types of masks depending upon the requirement of client. It energies skins stem cells, boosts hydration and prevents premature skin aging.

It is non-invasive cosmetic procedure in which PRP is injected under skin along with hyaluronic acid filler. The filler instantly smooths wrinkles and PRP improves skins overall glow

Fillers are a popular way to enhance certain features of your face through the injection of hyaluronic acid. It creates more youthful appearance and prevents ageing spots.

Most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment to treat fine lines and wrinkles around eyes or on forehead.




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