Bid Farewell to Ink: Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal at New Roots!


30%-40% of people start regretting of having tattoo on their body over the period of time. The reason behind maybe they were too young when they had tattoo, tattoo doesn’t fit their current lifestyle, they got someone’s name that they are no longer with, tattoo is poorly done or tattoo isn’t meaningful. Laser tattoo removal can significantly diminish the appearance of your unwanted tattoo with minimal side effects.


Lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors with a high-intensity light beam. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to treat. Other colors can only be treated by selected lasers based upon the pigment color.


Atrophic scars are most common on the face. A depressed scar sits below the surrounding skin. They’re formed when not enough collagen is made while the wound is healing. There are three types of atrophic scars:


To ensure one gets genuine result one should find an experienced dermatologist who has handful of procedures done and who is specialized in tattoo removal and has US FDA approved technology in house available. If procedure is not done with specified wavelengths and timings then it may cause serious complications like


Cost of laser tattoo removal depends upon age, size and color of tattoo. It also depends upon the nature of tattoo whether it is professionally done or homemade. As homemade gets vanished very soon than professionally done as ink is deposited in dermis level as well. It depends upon the number of sessions required and which technology is having with your doctor. In new roots it charges from Rs.15000/- Rs.30000/- per session.


Dermatologists from new roots understand that people want a tattoo removed quickly and completely. To give their patients faster tattoo removal, we continue to research technologies and techniques and keep the most advanced in service of patients. In new roots we use TRI- BEAM premium of jeisys medical from korea. This is Q- Switched Nd: YAD laser with dual pulse of 20 Hz which gives faster, safer and more effective toning. The best part is that it minimizes hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation due to mild thermal effect by 2 pulse peak energy. It also gives no pain. It stimulates collagen remodeling as well.

Successful tattoo removal

The tattoo removal laser we use allows uniform distribution of laser output beams to implement the best beam profile. Due to availability of adjustable spot sizes according to size of tattoo it allows fast and safe procedure.

Lesser sessions

The multi option handpiece of laser machines in new roots allows higher fluence compared to bulk mode allowing efficiently to destroy various pigments which were hard to treat before.

No risk

The laser in new roots allows uniform distribution of laser output which gives minimum downtime and avoids scarring of skin. Not only lasers but our dermatologists are well aware of safety standards of laser technology to be well applied as per the patient lesion.


Our lasers provide mild thermal effect which minimizes pain.

Focused lesion

Our dermatologists use specified handpiece from multi options to avoid harming surround skin and allow focused targeting on skin lesion.


If done by unexperienced doctor or with low standard technology there is chance that one may suffer from permanent hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

It is unlikely that it may fade completely. Still it depends upon the tattoo age, nature, color and size.

Most of laser procedures are painful but our technology is emitting very low thermal energy wavelength which eliminated pain.

Depending upon the depth and color of tattoo it normally takes 6-10 sessions to eradicate completely.

Due to some serious side effects, the FDA warns consumers about tattoo removal creams, ointments, and do-it-yourself tattoo removal kits. Here’s what the FDA says about these products:

Effectiveness: There’s no evidence that any of these products can remove a tattoo.

Safety: The products often contain strong acids that can damage your skin, causing a rash, burn, or permanent scar. And, you’ll still have that unwanted tattoo. 

Dermatologists have the medical training needed to consider your health and the health of your skin. They know who can safely have laser tattoo removal. 

If you decide to go to a tattoo artist or aesthetician, you won’t have the benefit of this medical training. Side effects are more common when someone lacks medical training. 

The ink from tattoo gets lighter after each session.





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