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Efficient & Effective: Direct Hair Implantation for Natural Results!


It is a technique and part of a process of hair transplantation which has become popular in last decade. DHI technique is similar to the FUE hair transplant technique, but differs in its application technique. The DHI hair transplant is also known as the technique of direct hair transplantation and the pen technique. The choi implanter guides the graft directly to the scalp.


DHI technique is not only well known to achieve the most natural-looking results but also it provides maximum life for transplanted hair than any other technique. The use of the Choi pen makes it possible to implant hair in more density.


The process is same till extraction of grafts. After extraction of grafts instead of making slits or incisions the grafts are loaded in implanters and they are directly implanted to scalp.


There are different sizes of choi implanter needles according to the sizes of needle of choi implanters. The smallest size is for single hair follicle, bigger than this is for double hair follicle, successively for triple and quadruple hair follicles. Depending upon the graft’s arrangements the choi implanters are used. After local anesthesia in recipient site the implanters are loaded with help of technicians and surgeon implants in scalp with help of pen or choi implanters one by one. After the sharpness is reduced of pen those are replaced with new one. Choi implanter enables implanting hair grafts at accurate angles, direction and depth without damaging surrounding tissues.


Greatest advantages of DHI over classic FUE emerges to be the lack of need to make slits i.e., making incisions to create hair transplant channels where grafts are inserted in the skin in the recipient area. This minimizes the trauma and bleeding and makes surgery complete faster.


Female candidates

In female candidates when they are posted for hair transplantation the major problem is to shave existing hair. Here DHI is choice of technique as with help of choi implanters one can implant grafts without damaging existing grafts.mThus With the DHI hair transplant method, female hair transplants / long hair transplants are performed by shaving only a small part that can be hidden for grafts harvesting from donor area.

Male candidates

Candidates seeking for dense hair transplantation DHI is the good choice. The clients having good donor area can definitely go for hair DHI hair transplant with grade 2 to grade 5. This technique gives not only denser look but also gives natural look with maximum life of hair transplant. In classical FUE the density we provide is not satisfactory for hairline patients, definitely one gets better results with highest density in DHI.

Beard hair transplant

Beard and moustache hair transplant done with help of DHI technique gives natural results due to its accurate placing of grafts in depth, angle and direction. Choi implanter helps to guide grafts smoothly without friction even in fibrosed scars of skin on scalp or face to make sure it grows well and in its natural way.




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