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Despite the improvements in the methods of hair transplantation, results are not always satisfying. The viability of grafts is one of the most challenging problems in the hair transplantation. This is especially important in case of mega sessions, when the time of grafts outside scalp is more than 12 hours. Many studies have found that there are morphological changes of grafts in time frames of follicles viability at the various stages of hair transplantation.


Our basic aim is to control the timing of various stages of hair transplantation to increase the survival rate of grafts and improve the effect of hair transplantation.


One of the key factors, affecting the grafts survival is warming and dehydration of grafts.


Inspite of these measures we have studied with many of our patients that if grafts are implanted as soon as possible in recipient area the question of viability diminishes and life of hair transplant results are improved. Swift hair transplant limits the morphological changes in graft structure. In regular patients we extract the grafts and then they are kept in RL solution in 4-5 Celsius. This step of grafts storage is excluded in swift hair transplant and its implanted as soon as its plucked. The slits are made before extraction so that more time gap is minimized and grafts are moved directly from donor to recipient area.



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