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Can I Color my Hair after a Hair Transplant?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether one can color the hair after having a hair transplant procedure. When you are having a hair restoration, it is very vital that you gather all the necessary information about after-care maintenance. Non compliance with the post-op care guidelines can cause immense complications.

Understanding your Scalp after a Hair Transplant

Following a hair restoration surgery, the scalp is extremely sensitive; to avoid complications during the recovery phase, you must wait for 4 to 6 weeks to color your hair.

It is very important that all incisions should close completely before you color your hair. The donor area from where follicles have been extracted will be sensitive and tender; while, the recipient area with the new grafts will be very fragile. Your scalp needs 10 to 14 days to heal, during which time you can not color your hair. Whatsmore, even after a fortnight, the scalp will be sensitive and the nasty chemicals found in hair color can wreck havoc.

Furthermore, after the procedure, the transplanted hair takes about 3 months to start growing. Once your hair grows back, you will be able to color it.

Remember, the new hair that grows in the recipient area will be identical to the hair from the donor area.

Additionally, make sure that you get your hair colored professionally at a salon, even if you habitually do it by yourself at home. An expert will be able to select a product and color that’s the best fit for you and that will harmonize with your hair type. Also, reduce the frequency of coloring your hair, do not do it too often.

On the other hand, in case, you wish to color your hair at home, do a patch test first to eliminate the risk of having an allergic reaction. Follow the instructions for coloring precisely to avert complications.

The most appropriate would be opting for natural coloring agents such as henna, noni and indigo. These are natural, safe and free from chemicals.

Try to opt for bleach free and peroxide free coloring agents, they are gentler on the scalp.

Besides, salt and pepper hair has made a fashionable comeback! So, go with your natural hair, black hair with a sprinkling of white hair, it has its own charm!

Discuss with your surgeon 6 weeks after the procedure and only after he gives you the green signal should you dye your hair.

What does Hair Color do to Transplanted Follicles?

Hair color is packed with loads of harsh chemicals, such as, bleach and peroxide. These noxious agents cause immense damage to the follicles if you color your hair too soon after your surgery. The grafts are fragile and delicate, and tampering with them will greatly affect the outcome of the surgery. Give your follicles time to heal properly.

How Long should I wait after the Hair Transplant to Color my Hair?

Experts advocate waiting 4 to 6 weeks after your hair transplant surgery before getting your hair colored. This will allow enough time for your scalp and grafts to heal and the follicles will take root firmly. The healing process varies from individual to individual, so be patient and wait it out. Ideally, avoid coloring your hair for as long as possible, after your transplant.


Hence, the takeaway here is, the earliest you can dye your hair is after 6 weeks of the transplant; and only once you’ve got a thumbs-up from your doctor.


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