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hair transplant without shaving in india

Revolutionary Hair Transplant Without Shaving in India: Benefits and Process

Hair Transplant Without Shaving in India: Everything You Need to Know

Hair transplant without shaving in India: If you are searching for a hair transplant without shaving in India, you are in the right place. We will provide information about Hair transplants without shaving. We know it sounds like a dream, but it’s true.


In India, there is a method known as FUE hair transplant. In this method, you do not need to shave your head. Now, let’s discuss what it is and how this procedure works. But first, let’s see what a hair transplant is.

Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is a popular surgical method. In this method, surgeons take hair from donor areas and Transplant it into your hair. This method is followed by those suffering from badness, hair loss, and thin hair problems.


Because of these problems, men and women lose their self-confidence, but you can restore it through many ways; hair transplant is one of them.


This procedure is done by certified doctors. It is a one-time treatment that is fully based on the patient’s condition. In this article, we discussed Hair transplants without shaving in India, so let’s see what it is because many people want to do a transplant without shaving their hair.

Hair Loss Treatment Procedure:

Here we'll discuss the procedure - FUE

It is follicular unit extraction, in this method, doctors transplant your hair from the donor part and place it on your head. It happens when people suffer from low hair density, then this treatment is conducted on their heads. Because of this treatment, people get healthy and strong hair. In this procedure also there is no need to shave your hair. This is a Hair transplant without shaving in India. Let’s discuss this in detail

What will happen during the FUE method hair transplant:

This procedure starts with cleaning your scalp. After that surgeon applies numbness with local Anesthesia on your treatment area, and after that, these steps are followed by surgeons –


  • Now doctors extract hair follicles directly from the donor part of your body (like the back of your head) using the micro punching post-transplant technique.
  • The surgeon then makes tiny holes using a sterile needle on your scalp and gently places the hairs in these poles.
  • Afterwards, the surgeon covers your head through a graft or bandages because your scalp needs little time to recover.


Note: This procedure takes time, depending on the complications. Patients get 3 or 4 sessions to get density and natural, beautiful hair.

Is a hair transplant without shaving possible?

Many patients are worried about shaving their heads before transplant. Many people do not prefer that, so let’s discuss this in detail.


If a patient needs a small portion of hair transplant, you don’t need to shave your full head before surgery. But if you need a full hair transplant, the surgeon suggests you shave your full head because it gives the hair follicle better visibility. But don’t worry about it.


A hair transplant without shaving is also possible. Through this treatment, you can easily get healthy hair. This can happen through the FUE method. This method is a little bit complicated when you don’t want to shave your hair, and it becomes expensive too.

Firstly, surgeons need to find a donor area where they can shave small portions without shaving during the process.


It helps and is demanded by many of our clients, such as celebrities, who don’t want to reveal their hair transplant.


Also, it’s much easier for female candidates undergoing hair transplants as they cannot shave their heads. The technique used in non-shave hair transplants is the DHI or sapphire method because it eases the step to implant and gets good results. In New Roots Clinic, the non-shave technique is very common and results-oriented.


In this article, we discussed Hair transplants without shaving in India and many other things related to hair treatment and their benefits. If you like the information we provided above, please tell us in the comment section. For more hair-related treatments and methods, stay with us. Also, do not forget to visit us to get more hair-related updates and therapies.


Yes, it is possible. Modern technology makes it unnecessary to shave full hair.
If anyone is completely bald and has no donor site to take hair.
After 10 years of hair transplant, your hair should not go anywhere; it is still present on your crown and becomes stronger and more beautiful.
There is no way to Regrow donor hairs cause there is the absence of hair follicles or hair roots.

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