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Powerful cure for Male pattern baldness in stage/grade 3

Male Pattern Baldness Stage 3 Treatments and Remedies

Male pattern baldness stage 3 treatment: Baldness is challenging for everyone and worsens over time. If you want to cure your hair from Baldness, you have to understand its stages. There’s a method to find the stages of Baldness, Norwood; through this, you can easily categorize and cure your baldness stage. Here, I’ll discuss Male pattern baldness stage 3 treatment, but first, we must understand their symptoms.

Norwood scale:

This scale helps you measure and categorize the stage of your male pattern baldness. Baldness occurs in several patterns. This scale allows you to understand the stage of your baldness; after that, you can find the right cure. According to this, there are seven stages of Baldness. In this article, we’ll discuss the treatment of male pattern baldness in stage 3.

What are the seven stages of Baldness according to the Norwood scale:

As I told you, there are seven stages of Baldness according to the Norwood scale, so let’s discuss them first. Then we’ll talk about stage 3 baldness treatment – 

Stage 1:

In this stage, your hair starts to fall, and you face just a little hair loss.

Stage 2:

In the second stage, you notice your hair falling. In this, you get the early signs of Significant shapes like M, U, or V on your head.

Stage 3:

In this stage, hair loss appears on the head. At this stage, your hair shape becomes more visible. You can see the M or V shape on your crown.

Stage 4:

In this stage, men lose many hairs around their hairline. It has become more precise than before. In this stage, your hairs on the vertex scale were almost lost.

Stage 5:

At this stage, the hair on your hairline becomes thinner. You see significant hair loss in this stage.

Stage 6:

In this stage, you lose all the hair that is present in your scalp and hairline.

Stage 7:

In this stage, none of the hair is left on your scalp.

There are seven stages of hair loss according to the Norwood scale. So now let’s talk about male pattern baldness stage 3 treatment, but first, we’ll discuss the symptoms of stage 3.

Stage 3 symptoms:

You don’t need to face these symptoms in old age; you can also face them early. In stage 3, accounting for the Norwood scale, men’s hairlines developed an M shape when you viewed them from above. This is noticeable from the top.

Stage 3 vertex:

In stage 3, there is also a variation called stage 3 vertex, also known as stage 3A. In this stage, the hair on your crown begins to thin. If you think you are suffering from this, take a picture of the tip of your head and see if it creates an M shape. If it is the same as I told you and your hair has turned thin, you are sufficient for Stage 3A.

Male pattern baldness stage 3 treatment:

If you are suffering from this, don’t worry; there are many ways to treat stage 3 baldness. For this, both ways are present, Surgical and Non-Surgical.


If you want to try a surgical option, then it is worth trying another hairstyle called camouflage. It helps you to reduce the appearance of stage 3 hair loss. Through this, you can hide the bald spots on your head.

Other options:


you can apply minoxidil in your affected head area on the scalp. This is so easy to use and cures your hair on stage 3 hair loss. According to a study, people get 45% hair growth after using the 5 % Minoxidil cream to get the best results.


It is helpful at particular stage 3 hair loss. It is an oral medication. It helps you to reduce your head loss.


Microneedling very effectively stops hair loss. Twice a week, a 1.5 mm needle-size derma roller initiates micro-blood circulation at the dermis level, helping the follicle get more nourishment.

If you are the treatment that we discussed above and you still need other treatments for your stage 3 baldness. Then you should try the Hair transplant method. So, let’s discuss this method.

Hair Transplant For Stage 3 Treatment:

A FUE hair transplant is better for those facing stage 3 baldness due to the Norwood scale (FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision). This transplant is the best solution for baldness, so let’s learn more about this hair transplant.

FUE transplant: In this transplant, your hairs are individually extracted from the back and side of your head. When they are removed, doctors carefully transplant your hair into the area of your scalp. Through this hair transplant, you get thick hair all over your head, which causes less damage.


In this article, we discussed Male pattern baldness stage 3 treatment, the hair fall measuring scale, and several stages of hair loss. Please let us know if you like the above information in the comment section. Stay with us for more hair loss-related articles. Thank you!


Yes, you can do this. For this baldness, you should try a hair transplant treatment. This is the best option.

Yes, treatments for stage 4 baldness include scalp micro-pigmentation, PRP therapy, low-level laser therapy, hair transplant surgery, and drugs like finasteride and minoxidil. See an expert about your choices.

You can do a hair transplant after 25. You have to be at least 25 years old to do a transplant.
You can not prevent Genetic hair loss.
You can do a hair transplant. It is more valuable and fruitful for stage 3 patients.

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