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Tips and solutions to Repair Hair Damage - New Roots

Learn how to Repair Hair Damage: Tips & Professional Solutions

The Rule Book to Salvage and Repair Damaged Hair

Your hair looks dull and damaged because of the changes which occur in your hair shaft because of dryness, too much and too frequent heat application, or an uncalled for use of chemicals.

Important triggers include – using combs and brushes that have inflexible, rigid fibres, hair ties which are abrasive, when your hair gets overheated by using the dryer, straightener, or curler, excessive damage from an undue usage of hair color and excessive washing of your hair.

All these wreck havoc on your scalp and hair, and taking prompt action is mandatory to avoid hair loss and balding, which in turn will take a huge toll on your self-esteem.

The Dangers of Heat Styling Tools

  • When blow drying your hair, make sure it isn’t too hot. The more heat you apply to the hair strands and ends, the more you damage them. Also, there’s no need to dry your hair completely with the hair dryer, let some of the hair air dry; that will save your hair from damage in the long run.
  • If you are used to cranking up your hair straightener to the maximum setting, you definitely need to stop it. Overheating the hair with styling tools damages the hair significantly and gives rise to split ends too. Always use the low or medium setting when using a hair styling gadget; most importantly, restrict your use of hot tools on the susceptible parts of your hair.
  • If you tend to rely heavily on hot gadgets, use a heat protectant to shield your hair from the intense heat. A heat protectant puts a barrier between the heating device and your hair, thus minimizing damage.
  • Also, it is advisable to steer clear of very hot showers. Scalding hot water causes the cuticles to swell and makes them vulnerable to split ends. Always use lukewarm water or the most ideal would be cold water. suggests. On the other hand, cold water closes the cuticle and seals the outer layer of the hair, thus giving your hair a sheen.
  • Always ensure that you use a conditioner after washing your hair and then use a wide toothed comb to help distribute the conditioner evenly through the hair; it is so much easier to manage the hair.

Preventing Hair Damage and Breakage

When you use the wrong comb or brush, take too long between hair trims, using a dryer, curler or straightener that’s too hot and tying your hair in to tights ponytails causes unimaginable damage to your hair.

Here’s how you can salvage and rehab your hair back to health and make sure that the damage doesn’t get worse.

Tips for Safe Hair Styling Practices

  • Use a nourishing oil everyday. Give your hair tips a lot of love; a nourishing oil can work wonders at banishing split ends. Moisturizing oils such as jojoba, olive, coconut, olive and argan are the very best.
  • Make sure that you get your hair trimmed frequently, once a month is ideal. The hair tends to split to a particular point and then break off, this will continue until the hair is cut.
  • Conditioning the hair is the most pivotal part of treating hair damaged.
  • Hair masqs are the unsung heroes for hair care. The masq keeps your hair moisturized, strengthens the strands and fights off frizz successfully.
  • Limit your usage of heat styling devices. When using a heat styling gadget, always apply a heat protectant to generate a barrier of protection which will reduce the damaging effects on your hair.

Protecting Your Hair from Environmental Damages

Nourishing oils and serums are the liquid gold and the miracle elixir when it comes to caring for your hair!

They deep condition and strengthen your hair, keep the scalp healthy, offer weightless hydration, and protect your locks from environmental damages.

Opt for argan oil, olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. These oils moisturize the hair from the inside out. They seal in moisture in your scalp and hair and prevent dryness and breakage. These oils are crammed with all the powerful vitamins and minerals making them the cheerleader for strong, healthy hair.

Importance of Regular Trims and Professional Hair Care

Regular hair trims are very essential to deal with split ends and hair breakage. Trichoptilosis is the medical term for split ends. Dryness, heat damage, and chemical irritation are the chief culprits for split ends.

Why Regular Hair Trimming is Essential

The longer your hair is, the more prone it will be to split ends and hair breakage, and this makes it very important to have regular trims. You ought to trim your hair every 5 to 6 weeks in order to keep the hair tips healthy. If you wait too long to trim your hair, the ends will split further up the hair shaft, resulting in excessive hair damage.


Experts recommend using hot scissors to seal the cuticle of your hair and effectively deal with split ends. The hot scissors seal the end of the hair shaft, decreases damage and helps the hair to retain hydration.

In fact, trimming the hair often also helps healthy hair growth.

Exploring Professional Hair Treatment Options

  • The hair faces a bashing from combing, frequent heat styling, coloring to being out in the sun. Enter hair damage wonder remedies!
  • Professionally done hair breakage treatment helps replenish hydration in the hair, fortify the inner core, and rebuild the hair cuticle, all these are pivotal to achieving good hair health.
  • Professionally done hair breakage treatments are of two types – hydration-based and protein-based. Trichologists advocate alternating between the two for optimal results. These therapies are done well by a professional – hydration based therapy can be carried out fairly frequently, whilst protein based ones need to be done occasionally, given that an accumulation of protein makes the hair drier and more brittle and that’s counter effective.
  • The powerful antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids in the natural oils are the most brilliant hydration therapy and promise you a ton of hydration and protect from all kinds of damage. Hydration and deep conditioning ward off hair loss, prevent breakage and boost hair health.
  • The protein formulations penetrate deep to hydrate all layers – medulla, cortex and cuticle of the hair. The serums provide all the essential amino acids and repair all the damage. When your hair is damaged, the protein needs to be restored. allowing your hair to grow faster. It’s incredible!

When to Seek Professional Help for Hair Problems? Why Choose Us?

When you have been battling with incessant hair shedding and hair loss, your hair looks damaged and fried, you’ve changed your diet and incorporated scores of supplements, visited your hairdresser frequently and no amount of products are helping you salvage the situation, that’s when you need to visit a trichologist. A doctor will proffer tailor-made solutions and advice the most suitable treatment options for you. At The New Roots Hair Clinic, the customer is at the very heart of everything, and we are committed to quality treatment. With an unrivalled level of service, trailblazing innovation, and the best doctors in the team, we promise sure-fire results.


Split ends develop from imprudent hairstyling that causes excessive damage to your hair, especially the hot tools that you use cause the tips of the strands to split.

Eggs, bananas, milk, walnuts and sunflower seeds are packed with biotin; include them in to your daily diet.

A protective protein, the keratin is the chief component of your hair. The environment and our lifestyle decreases and damages the production of keratin substantially.


You can boost the production of keratin by including certain foods in to your diet and by applying certain products; these make your hair healthy, enhance shine and smoothness and fortify them.


Foods that are crammed with zinc, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C and L-cysteine perk up the manufacture of keratin. Specifically, onions, eggs, garlic, sunflower seeds, and salmon promise your body loads of keratin.


Keratin packed hair care products hydrate, nourish and smoothen your promising you shiny tresses!

The hair is composed of keratin which is a protein, and it is arranged in the cortex if the shaft. The cortex of the hair decides your hair’s natural shape.


When beat is applied to the hair, the hydrogen bonds break, however, this is a temporary change. When the disulfide bonds between the sulfur atoms in the proteins are broken, that when there’s a permanent change.


Both of the processes cause immense damage to the cuticle of your hair, and with time, hair repair become very necessary.

When you style your hair, the heat creates cracks in the cuticle of your hair, thereby making it susceptible to damage from the environment, chemicals and sun. Frequent and too much heat styling destroys the cortex layer and makes your hair look dull, fried and lifeless. What’s more with the heat, the cuticle and cortex get damaged extensively and thus leads to breakage.

The best way to steer clear of bad hair days is to make sure you eat healthy. The hair is chiefly composed of protein, and hence consuming large amounts of protein keeps your hair healthy and gorgeous!

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