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Cost of Hair Transplant

The cost of a hair transplant depends upon a host of factors. Practically speaking, there is only a small number of surgeons that carries out top-notch, state-of-the-art surgery, who use the right hair in the right place and who employ the most advanced technology for hair restoration. For a hair transplant procedure, you should be looking to pay somewhere between Rs 30000 and Rs 500000 depending on certain specific considerations.
How Is Hair Transplant Cost Computed?

The cost for a hair restoration procedure depends on several factors; let’s look in to them in detail. Alongside, the patient also needs to be reviewed for future hair loss as well as how to use the donor hair optimally. These are individualized factors and tend to be different for each person and have a bearing on the cost.


Here’s a round-up of factors that determine the cost for a hair transplant; and all prospective patients should be conversant with them. Having a one on one discussion with your trichologist will help you understand and ascertain your cost for the procedure better.

who is going to conduct your surgery? The surgeon, his expertise and his experience are crucial deciding ingredients which play a pivotal part in calculating the fees for the hair restoration surgery. The more renowned the doctor, the more experience he has had, the more cases he has to his credit; accordingly, the cost escalates.

The surgeon going to do the entire procedure? How big is his team? How experienced are the doctors on the team? Is it the surgeon’s own dedicated team, or have the doctors been drafted in? Are the doctors accredited? An understanding to all these is essential for you to gauge how much you will end up spending for your surgery. An MBBS doctor scores over a doctor who has a Diploma in Skin, while a Dermatologist has greater qualification compared to one holding an MBBS degree and undoubtedly; the fee structure shoots up. What aspects of the surgery will be done by the doctor? Some clinics have technicians carry out the whole procedure; whilst some set-ups are managed solely by the surgeon. The higher the qualification of the surgeon and his team, the bigger the cost. Certain elements of the surgery, such as, incisions on the skin, injecting of the anesthesia, designing the hairline, are essential and should be handled chiefly by the surgeon.

The hospital set-up influences the amount you will end up paying for the procedure too. You can choose from a small local clinic to a top grade professional one. Accredited hospitals with top notch, cutting edge facilities charge a big fee.

The type of surgery that is the best fit for you is the next deciding factor. Your doctor will recommend FUT, FUE, advanced FUE, DHI or Sapphire techniques for your hair restoration. FUT or the follicular unit transplant involves extracting a segment of skin, dividing it under a microscope into minuscule groups of follicular units and transplanting them into the recipient area. FUT helps attain the expected number of grafts in a short period of time. FUE or follicular unit excision involves extracting follicles within a small circular punch that is less than a millimeter in diameter. FUE employs ultra-modern technology for individual excision of graft and is comparatively expensive. The advanced FUE makes use of modern, state of the art technology in automated FUE. This innovation promises you high quality and survivability of the FUE grafts. The device meticulously extracts follicles one by one and does not give you an ear-to-ear scar. DHI or Direct Hair Implantation involves hair follicles that are implanted directly into the bald area. With the DHI patented tool, each follicle is inserted in a precise direction, and the right depth and angle. Stringent DHI quality standardization protocols are followed that ensure amazing results. Sapphire FUE transplants are carried out using blades that are made from sapphire, instead of steel. The Sapphire blade allows for denser transplantation, and thus, those with advanced hair loss achieve a wonderful hair transformation. The Sapphire FUE promises more natural-looking results too. Each technique has its own merits and workability and of course each one comes with a different fee. Confer with your trichologist which technique would be most advantageous for you.

The degree of baldness and the number of grafts required determine the pricing to a very great extent. Greater the baldness, more are the grafts required and consequently, the cost of the surgery shoots up. One needing 5,000 grafts will pay a bigger fee than one requiring 2,000 grafts.

The number of sessions required for your surgery also governs your cost. By and large, a hair transplant takes one single session which could last for 6 to 8 hours. Grafts implanted in one session are about 3,000. A procedure involving 5,000 grafts needs two sessions. Accordingly, the cost will mount.

The donor availability dictates the costing of the procedure as well. In case you do not have an adequate number of healthy follicles on the back of your scalp, then you need to look in to other donor sites; most commonly the beard area is used. However, this translates into higher cost for the surgery.

Number of grafts Cost

1000 – 30000 to 100000

1500 – 45000 to 150000

2000 – 60000 to 200000

2500 – 75000 to 250000

3000 – 90000 to 300000

Many of the clinics charge per graft. It becomes easier to calculate amount of money required where one or many sessions are required as the graft harvesting may vary from consultation to surgery. Graft cost is calculated depending upon each clinic cost per surgery what they spend on patient. The cost expenditure average on patient spent is directly proportional to the graft charge. The more expenditure the more charge. Average cost per graft charged today is approx.

FUE – RS. 30/- – -RS.50/-

BIO FUE – RS.40/- — RS.60/-

SAPPHIRE FUE – RS. 50- RS.70/-

DHI – RS. 70/— RS.100/-

Hair transplant technique Cost

FUT – 300000 to 500000

FUE – 40000 to 500000

Advanced FUE – 90000 to 600000

DHI – 200000 to 700000

SAPPHIRE – 50000 to 600000

Almost traumatic; whether it’s thinning of hair, a receding hairline, a widow’s peak, or a bald crown. Sophisticated, state of the art hair transplant techniques are a lasting answer to your problem and helps restore a natural head of hair, almost effortlessly.At New Roots Hair Clinic, we are thorough with our evaluations and assessments and we provide highest standards of care in hair restoration. Now a days EMI or credit card facilities also are available so that patient can easily manage his bills without a big expenditure.

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