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How to sleep after hair transplant?
Introduction -

After a hair transplant one needs to sleep on back facing up. One can sleep with head on pillow and head slightly elevated. Avoid tossing and turning or sleeping on stomach.

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Content -

Day by day hair transplant surgeries are becoming more safer, more effective and yield more natural looking results. We also need to provide quicker and smoother healing process. It totally depends upon on how well you follow after care routine. Post-surgery all precautions are to be taken to ensure new grafts are not damaged. During sleep extra care is to be taken in initial 7 days even it is FUE transplant. During post-surgery care, most patients share a common concern of how to sleep after a transplant so that grafts are not dislodged or donor area is not problematic.

Tips -
  1. Sleep with your head and back slightly elevated at least 45 degrees on soft pillow. Sleeping in elevated position will help to reduce swelling in your scalp and help recovery faster.
  2. Avoid sleeping on stomach for first 5-6 days.
  3. Avoid tossing and turning as it may damage or dislodge grafts.
  4. Bedsheets, pillowcases and bed should be clean to avoid any infection. Also use soft towel or drape sheets above pillow to avoid stains.
  5. Getting a lot of rest after surgery is very important to ensure quick recovery.
  6. Take short napes in day time for good rest to the body.
  7. Keep recipient area away from pillow.
  8. A neck or travel pillow helps you only during travel till your home after surgery. Put a cushion or another pillow under your pillow to keep your head correctly elevated and avoid damaging hair follicles.

Within 7-14 days you can start sleeping usually as like before one has habit. So one can sleep normally after his hair transplant after his first head wash. The position of your sleep is very much important because your scalp is sensitive and hair grafts are delicate. After this 7-10 day you should be able to normally sleep again and return to normal physical activities.

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