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Is Hair Transplant Painful?

To-be hair transplant patients are usually worried about whether the procedure is going to be a painful one. In fact, the fear of the pain is to such an extent that a lot of people avoid having the surgery at all! When the hair transplant surgery was still in the experimental and preliminary phase, it was very painful. The fear put people off from having the surgery. However, with rapid advances in technology, new age hair transplant techniques are trail blazing and top drawer and are completely painless. 


The procedure is performed under a local anaesthesia; and after the scalp has been numbed, you will be awake, but you will not feel any pain at all during the entire surgery. Despite the fact that most people are extremely anxious about the likelihood of there being pain, a hair restoration procedure is a very comfortable and painless one for most patients and the recovery time is shorter too.

Hair Transplant and Local Anaesthesia

During the procedure, the surgeon makes very small incisions in the scalp. The scalp is packed with lots of nerves; they need to be anaesthetised, so that whilst the surgery is being performed, you won’t feel any pain at all. The local anaesthesia is given in the form of very tiny injections at the site where the hair will be extracted as well as where the grafts will be implanted. About 4 to 5 jabs are given with a very fine needle, the width of a human hair to inject the anaesthesia in to the scalp. There will be a transient pricking sensation at the site of the jab, but it fades away quickly and the entire scalp turns completely numb and you will feel absolutely no pain during the procedure. The effects of the local anaesthesia last for about 7 hours.


What’s more, science has taken rapid strides and the surgeries are conducted in the best of facilities, using the most excellent equipment. FUT used to be a slightly painful technique, with some degree of pain in the head and neck; however, FUE is a completely painless procedure.

Hair Transplant and Pain Killers

Along with the local anaesthetic, you will also be given a pain relieving medication and an anti inflammatory drug. These medicines make sure that you kiss pain and discomfort goodbye all through the surgery and they keep you relaxed all through the procedure.


We, at the New Roots Hair Clinic promise you the very best doctors and an expert team of trichologists, along with a top notch hospital set-up. We follow avant garde and ultra modern hair restoration techniques that ensure superb outcomes and results. When performing the surgery, we know that anxiety and stress can have grave consequences. Stress is known to increase the brain’s perception of pain. Thus, ensuring that each patient is relaxed is one of our top priorities. We employ aromatherapy, soft music and optimal temperature control at our facility; and this guarantees a stress free environment conducive to a good surgery with excellent outcomes. Post surgery, our team will support you with a post-op regime, crafted specifically to assist in long-term results.

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